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Tony Whelpton

Tony Whelpton is an English novelist, and not one of the youngest you'll find around, although he’s both physically and mentally a lot younger than his Birth Certificate shows, and he lives in Cheltenham, in the Cotswolds, a beautiful area of the South-West of England.
In an earlier existence which, Tony says, seems to be a lifetime ago, he taught French in a university, and for many years he wrote books  designed to help people who were trying to learn French - many published through a company called TD Publications which he founded himself. He closed that business when he was 75, thinking that it was time to retire and lead a quiet life.
But then he started writing fiction and suddenly realised that this is what he should have started doing long ago, and here he is, six years later, with three successful novels to his name and still actively writing! The first,
Before the Swallow Dares, was published in 2012, the second, The Heat of the Kitchen, came out in 2013, and they were followed by the most recent, Billy's War, in 2014. If you didn't believe what was said above about being younger than his years, three novels in just over two years ought to convince you!

On Saturday 11 October 2014, Tony introduced the audience at the prestigious international Cheltenham Literature Festival to his new novel Billy’s War, by reading an extract from Chapter Three. You may view here a video made by Tony while he was rehearsing for this event.

Billy Frecknall is a 9 year old boy living in Nottingham in 1941, and, after losing his mother in an air raid and being injured himself he is obliged to go to live with his aunt, because his father is away serving in the army.

New Interview

I was asked for an interview by the Self-Publishers Showcase website, and it has now gone live.
You will find it by clicking here:

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