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Tony Whelpton

Tony Whelpton is an English novelist, and not one of the youngest you'll find around, although he’s both physically and mentally a lot younger than his Birth Certificate shows, and he lives in Cheltenham, in the Cotswolds, a beautiful area of the South-West of England.

In an earlier existence which, Tony says, seems to be a lifetime ago, he taught French in a university, and for many years he wrote books designed to help people who were trying to learn French - many published through a company called TD Publications which he founded himself. He closed that business when he was 75, thinking that it was time to retire and lead a quiet life.

But then he started writing fiction and suddenly realised that this is what he should have started doing long ago, and here he is, nine years later, with five successful novels to his name, and a sixth whose first draft is about 25% done and which should be published later this year.
The first, Before the Swallow Dares, was published in 2012, the second, The Heat of the Kitchen, came out in 2013, then Billy's War in 2014 and its sequel There’s No Pride In Prejudice on 1 June 2016. A short novel called A Happy Christmas came out in October 2016. If you didn't believe what was said above about being younger than his years, six novels in five years ought to convince you!

Tony’s third novel, Billy’s War, was successful beyond his wildest dreams, with many people demanding to know what happened to that charismatic little boy in later life.

That was why Tony felt obliged to write a sequel, There’s No Pride In Prejudice,
which was published in the Amazon Kindle Store on 1 June 2016.
For his next, Tony returned to his home city of Nottingham for the setting of A Happy Christmas, which was published on 18 October 2016.
Both these books were long-listed for the 2017 UK Novel Writing Competition.

Tony is already hard at work on his next, whose working title is Fast Rewind.

Tony’s latest novel!


A Happy Christmas is set in Nottingham, and is a story of a very unhappy, lonely old man called Wilf Broadhurst, and who, thanks to his positive attitude, a certain amount of good luck, and a certain contribution from his dog, Boots, finally celebrates the happiest Christmas of his life.

Although the title and the cover might suggest otherwise, this is not by any means a story just for Christmas!

This is a feature from the Gloucestershire Echo, 19 October 2016.

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