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There’s No Pride In Prejudice

As you will know if you’ve read Billy’s War, Billy Frecknall is an instinctive fighter, a fighter against injustice of all kinds, even if the odds are heavily stacked against him. He learns quite early in life that many people in this world claim to believe in a fair and just society, but behave quite differently – choosing for themselves which categories of people will benefit from fairness and justice, and excluding the rest.

Billy describes prejudice as ‘a disease, a virulent and malign disease, a disease of the mind. I have a vision of a brain,’ he says, ‘encircled by barbed wire. And barbed wire, I might remind you, has barbs that point both ways. And so does prejudice – it damages both those who harbour it, and those who are its target’.

But, despite its serious theme, this is fundamentally a happy book, a book full of hope. How could it be otherwise when Billy Frecknall's aims are identical to those of the founding fathers of the USA: life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?

There's No Pride In Prejudice is a sequel to Billy's War, but if you haven’t read Billy's War already it doesn’t matter for now, but you’ll almost certainly want to read it afterwards!

There's No Pride In Prejudice was long-listed in the 2017 UK Novel Writing Competition.

There’s No Pride In Prejudice is available as a paperback or as a hardback, and, from the Amazon Kindle Store, as an e-book. (By the way, you don’t need to own a Kindle to read Kindle books - you can download a free Kindle Reader from Amazon.)

If you would like to buy There’s No Pride In Prejudice as a paperback or a hardback, you can get it from Feedaread, from, or from The choice is yours! Click here for the Amazon link!
If you do want to order it from a bookstore, you may need the ISBN, which is 9781786109989 (9781533306210 in the USA), or 9781786971135 for the hardback edition.