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At Dead of Night

At Dead of Night is available as a paperback  and, from the Amazon Kindle Store, as an e-book. (By the way, you don’t need to own a Kindle to read Kindle books - you can download a free Kindle Reader from Amazon.)

If you would like to buy At Dead of Night as a paperback, you can get it from any UK bookshop, from, or from The choice is yours! Click here for the Amazon link.
If you do want to order it from a bookstore, you will need the ISBN, which is 978191916000018.

‘I didn’t call the police. Your family did!’

It is the dead of night when David Sumner’s bedside telephone rings, brutally rousing him from sleep. Bewildered, he answers, only to be left shocked by the message passed on to him be the caller.

But was the call meant for him, and is the caller really who they seem?

David is a writer, a writer of short stories, who has long harboured an ambition to become a novelist. He is so disturbed by the call he receives in the middle of the night that his mind is quite unable to find any repose. So obsessed does he become that his wife Margaret challenges him to use what has happened as the core of the novel he has so long wished to write.