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Billy’s War

Billy's War Chapter One.doc

The date was Thursday 8 May 1941. Billy Frecknall was nine years old, and the country was at war. What could that mean to a nine-year-old? A great deal, not least being the fact that Billy to all intents and purposes no longer had a Dad, because his father had enlisted in the army in the early days of the war, and they didn’t even know where he was.

That night saw the biggest air raid Billy’s home town of Nottingham had experienced, and there were many casualties, including Billy’s Mum. Billy survived, but finding his Dad became even more urgent than before. His quest leads him into many adventures and a great deal of danger, but his courage never falters.

Billy is a cheerful, intelligent, resourceful boy who has the gift of winning the hearts of most people he encounters – he will probably win yours too!

Billy’s War is available as a hardback, as a paperback and, from the Amazon Kindle Store, as an e-book. (By the way, you don’t need to own a Kindle to read Kindle books - you can download a free Kindle Reader from Amazon.) As a paperback or a hardback you can buy it from, from Amazon, or from most High Street bookstores - although they may very well have to order it for you and may also pretend that it will take a long time to get. Believe us - it won’t! For the Amazon link, click here!

The choice is yours! If you do want to order it from a bookstore, you may need the ISBN, which is 9781782997917 (9781511746038 in the USA), or 9781786105233 for the hardback.

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